Do you know who am I?

A little summary

Starting from the beginning... I was born on 22 February 1994...
Just kidding, I am not gonna tell that much :)
Until last year of high school, I was studying at Muğla 75. Year Scientific High School. Last year I changed my high school to Private Rota Anatolian High School and graduated from there.
I started studying Electronics and Communication Engineering of Istanbul Technical University on 2012. I participated at MICROSOFT CERTIFIED SOLUTION DEVELOPER of a prestigious programming institute.
On 2015, I went to Tohoku University of Sendai, Japan as an exchange student thanks to an agreement between ITU and Tohoku University. My exchange period lasted approximately 11 months. I am going to explain how I went there and my experiance in Japan in my Blog page.
Currently, I am working at Garanti Technology as Mainframe Platform and Application System Engineer.